VIDEO: Here Are Some Super Bowl Ads We’re Excited About

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Look, do we here at What’s Trending love being sold to during massive sports games when our minds are dulled with chicken wings, beer, and feelings about either the Rams or the Patriots? No. Are we ready to be sold to though? Do we have a choice here in this vast capitalist empire? Heck no! So I guess if we’re going to be sold to, it might as well be interesting, and wonderful news: Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, with all of the ads and selling to and whatever the heck that we could imaginably want. So what do we have?

Well, for one, of course we have that Gillette ad that made all these tiny sad men also angry. How can you stand against toxic masculinity? You’re standing up against the idea of being bad and creepy! Yeesh! But anyway, get ready to hear a whole bunch of opinions at your Super Bowl party when that things airs.

And what else? Oh yeah! Jeff Bridges is going to bring back “The Dude” to sell… something. It better be The Big Lebowski on Criterion, because otherwise, folks, I am disappointed in the greater amount of you! Chance the Rapper is going to take a break from donating money to Chicago’s schools to appear in a Doritos commercial, with the powerful salty chip brand saying: “Our prediction for the big game? There’s a chance things are gonna get hot. Stay tuned 02.03.19 #NowItsHot.” Bold prediction! And the biggest twist in the ad?he Backstreet Boys will be joining the rapper. Why, a mix between nostalgia and the modern age? I dare say, Mr. Doritos, my number you do have!

Burger King teased their 45-second ad that is set to premier during the fourth quarter with an odd video, and A-Rod is set to star in a commercial alongside Mr. Peanut, which will no doubt be a point of celebration for tiny little peanut men everywhere.

What commercial are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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