VIDEO: Here’s The Teaser For Tommy Wiseau’s New Movie, “Big Shark”

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Look. I don’t know when underground movies turned into a celebration of weird ass sensibilities, to gently chuckling at weird ass sensibilities, but the weird ass sensibilities are here, and no underground movie has dominated the last fifteen years more than Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”. “The Room” had it all, trash dialogue, the director’s trash instincts on display, and best of all, the audience got to laugh and feel smarter than somebody, as was all the rage back then. Well, now Tommy Wiseau is back. We’ll see if an iota of self awareness has changed him, or we’ll find out wether or not audiences actually want a follow up to a movie they loved because it was bad. In any case, I’m just going to say “Oh hi Mark”, as is customary when writing about Tommy Wiseau and go into the explanation of “Big Shark”, which Wiseau introduced during a screening of “The Room” during a Q&A at the Charles Theater in London.

[Johnny Carson voice] “Big Shark, really Big Shark folks. We got a big shark tonight, big shark.”

Anyway, here’s the teaser below.

Big Shark is purportedly about three hunky firefighters — one being played by Tommy Wiseau of course, who have to stop a– hold on, let me read this notecard… a big shark. Yup, I’d say that checks out.

The real question, I think, is can Tommy Wiseau still create something as insane as “The Room”, a movie made by a goon under abusive and awful circumstances, catch bad lightning (neon liquid?) in a bottle twice now he’s more aware of why people like him?

Hey, who knows. We can’t wait for the inevitable James Franco movie about it though, that’s for sure.


What do you think of the teaser? Do you think Tommy Wiseau has another movie you can quote ad nauseum up his sleeve again? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and check out our video about Wiseau’s “The Room”, and James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” below.

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