VIDEO: High School Student Gives Jordans to Janitor in Heartwarming Viral Video

The heartwarming video of Stafford High School student Tristan McAlister giving janitor Angel Echevarria a pair of new Jordan 8’s has turned both into local celebrities.
By Alex Firer

The heartwarming video of a student giving his high school janitor a pair of new shoes has turned both into local celebrities.

Tristan McAllister is a student at Stafford High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and he’d struck up a friendship with janitor Angel Echevarria.

Tristan said one day he asked Angel what shoes he should buy for himself, and he picked out Jordan 8s. Tristan asked if he had a pair of his own and he said “no I have 4 kids, I can’t shop for myself.” Jordan 8’s are the shoes Michael Jordan wore during the 1992-93 NBA season, when the Bulls won their third consecutive NBA title.

A new pair of Jordan 8s runs between 190 and $250. Tristan wanted to do something special for Angel. So he bought him a pair of Jordan 8s. That simple moment between a student and staff member has gone viral on social media.

Tristan said he hadn’t even planned to record the moment, but his mom wanted to say Angel’s reaction. The moment is even more touching considering Angel’s past.

Long before working at Stafford High School or knowing Tristan, he was homeless for four years.

Stafford High Assistant Principal shared the video on Facebook and wrote: “I am so proud of this young man! This morning when Tristan came into my office, I found out it was him! I almost cried! I’m blessed to work and know such wonderful young people like him. I can’t love this enough!!”

Apparently Tristan has a closet full of sneakers worth hundreds of dollars. So, it’s good that he’s using a little bit of his teenage wealth to help out a friend.

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