VIDEO: Illusion Makes It Look Like Giant Spider Going To Get Cop!

A video from Texas showing a giant spider crawling towards a Texas cop is an illusion caused by the spider crawling across the lens of a dash cam.
By Alex Firer

Listen up, I am no Frodo, hard as that may be for some of you to believe. Maybe I’m a Samwise Gamgee — that weird nerdy so and so who is there to help with a big old heart, and I don’t know if I’m a Gollum just because that guy seems pretty athletic to me. When those guys fought the Spider, Shelob at the end of The Two Towers (book) or Return of the King (movie), I went, “This is fun to watch, but if I saw a video of a massive spider, why even one just in time for Halloween, my tiny head would be shrieked off, it would!” Well, my tiny head has had a shrieking work out this morning when I witnessed this video — a spider crawling across the lens of a dashcam camera towards a Texas cop showing the illusion of– OF– a giant spider! Ahhh!

Of course, it is an illusion, but how nice would it be to just have one monster movie experience in real life before the world is taken over by more serious problems. Let me see one cop fight a massive stop motion spider and then I promise we can get back to complaining about global warming, the ever disappearing tenets of American democracy, how every movie is legally set in the Marvel Universe, what have you, just give me one more monster movie fight.

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