VIDEO: Industrial Shredder Shredding Stressballs Is Opposite of ASMR

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Is this the opposite of ASMR? Maybe! It’s satisfying, but damn if it didn’t make the hair rise on the back of my neck, and my teeth grit in utter pain. Yeesh! First off, consider the stress ball. Consider how impotent an object it is to release your rage into. It does nothing. You squeeze it, but then the thing is completely untouched, reminding you of your near flaccid inability to influence the world around you, which is most likely causing all your stress to begin with. Thus, this video is absolutely satisfying. Watch the objects of your rage and anger be turned to damned ugly jelly dust before your very eyes! Yass! Look at this industrial grade shredder turn these stress balls into rubber and tiny glass spheres! Check it out below!

The video is courtesy of PressTube, a YouTube channel known for its incredible destruction and recreation of every day objects, and the destruction seen on hand here is obscenely satisfying. While most stress balls are filled with small marble like balls, some of them are notably just made of a squishy substance perfect for turning into damn jelly! Like the Donald Trump stress squeezee turns into just foam and jelly and jam, which isn’t a bad metaphor for the inside of that guy’s head, in my humble little smug boy opinion.

Additionally to all the stress squeezee, you know what goes through the thing? A damn massive foam noodle. It looks like it might break the shredder at one point, what with all of that foam just passing through a set of angry as heck grinding teeth. Yeesh. Although the ginal surprise happens at the end when they obliterate an iPhone through the massive jaws of this behemothous beast.

Eat the phone, my friend! Chew it up like so much grade a delicious mush!

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