A new life hack from Russia teaches viewers how to make kebabs and meat skewers using only pipes, a Coke can and a Pepsi bottle. We recommend no one ever tries it.

I think it’s clear to anyone who has ever read this blog for more than a day, but I will never understand this chaotic and insane world around us. We live in a universe with limitless possibilities. Endless opportunities. We can do anything with our time that we would ever want to do. And what do we spend our time on? Drilling holes into soda bottles filled with raw meat to create a machine that makes perfect raw kebabs. SMDH. Shaking. My Damn. Head!!!

The video comes from Russia, and was posted by Twitter user @devtesla, who said quite accurate (especially so if you’re a terrifying meat creature going on a hike) that “this hack rules”. The hack seems to be simple. You cut open a Pepsi bottle, stick an empty can of coke in it, fill it up with raw meat, engineer a pipe to go on the head of the entire thing, put a skewer in, then slowly squeeze out sensational kabobs. Good job all, I guess. If you really needed this kind of specific meat on a stick, all I can say is, good job all.

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