Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie was swimming with typically-docile nurse sharks in the Bahamas when one of them bit her on the arm.

An Instagram model was bitten by a shark while trying to get the perfect shot.

Katarina Zarutskie is an Instagram model and blogger who runs the website Vogue and Vegetables. She frequently posts from her travels to beautiful locations like Cancun and Antibes to her 30,000 Instagram followers. She told Buzzfeed that she’s studying international business and nursing at the University of Miami, and that her Instagram following just grew organically.

Recently, she was traveling in the Bahamas with her boyfriend when she spotted a group of nurse sharks in the water. The sharks are typically quite docile. People in the Bahamas swim around them without incident frequently.

They’re considered so sluggish they often just hang out on the sea floor. But, on occasion, they’ve been known to get a little nasty.

Fortunately, her photographer captured the exact moment the shark got her on the arm. She captioned the photo: “PSA: Sharks are cute and can nibble at times if not careful.” The photos also document Katarina being dragged under water and then re-emerging triumphant after the bite.

The nurse shark has thousands of tiny, serrated teeth, mostly used to crush and eat shellfish, shrimp and fish. While that moment must have been terrifying, she got the wound wrapped up and was back on the beach in no time.Though the bite doesn’t look too bad in that Good Morning America interview, it had been over a month since the bite happened.

So it’s safe to say it was pretty gnarly when it first happened.

But she says she’s not mad at the shark. She said: “He’s a wild animal and I’m a human and I was in his domain.”

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