VIDEO: Internet Replaces YouTuber’s STOLEN $18,000 LEGO COLLECTION!!

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The Internet came to the rescue of YouTuber Republicattak – whose house was burglarized for over $18,000 worth of LEGOs.

Republicattak started his channel in 2010. He posts videos of his extensive LEGO collection, focusing on Star Wars characters and ships. But his video was more distraught than usual on October 5, when he revealed that his home had been ransacked and his LEGO structures destroyed and stolen.

Because of all his losses, he said that he would stop building and collecting and that his channel would end. He aspired to be an AFOL, which stands for Adult Fan of LEGOS– basically a professional LEGO artist.

But the Internet had something very surprising in store for RepublicAttak. YouTuber Ryan McCullough, who runs the LEGO Star Wars channel MandRProductions, saw Republicattak’s video and wanted to help.

He started a GoFundMe page with a goal of only $1,000, and within two days, they had raised over $18,000, so that RepublicAttak can replace his entire collection. After the campaign hit $18,000, Ryan closed donations at Republicattak’s request, so as not to raise more money than was necessary.

Republicattak hasn’t returned to YouTube yet, though he did thank his fans on YouTube and expressed surprise at the tremendous outpouring of support. He said that support has given him the will to not stop building, and to keep working toward his dream of being an AFOL.

The money should be enough to replace this entire list of stolen and destroyed LEGO Star Wars items, and if this story is the first time you’ve thought about LEGOs in awhile – yeah, they’re really expensive!


Items like the Clone Walker Battle Pack have been discontinued by LEGO, and one on Amazon is $68. Republicattak needs 50 of those to get back to where he was.

But we have a feeling if LEGO hears about this story, they might be able to make that happen… and sure enough, someone who works for LEGO PR in France says they’re trying to get in touch with him.

So we can expect him to get hooked up pretty soon. Have you guys ever had something stolen that meant everything to you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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