VIDEO: James Charles CLAPS BACK At Negative Product Reviews

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James Charles is drowning in drama with his new makeup palette. YouTube makeup artist James Charles just released a new palette with Morphine and it’s been riddled with controversy. From the jump with the announcement video, viewers spawned a conspiracy theory that James was using FAKE palettes, the backlash is based on this image of James swatching over pre-laid makeup.

And of course as with any makeup release, there are hundreds of beauty YouTubers who do reviews. And some of these reviews were not nice. But James is not letting the haters get to him. He tweeted this: “I’ve gotten really good at biting my tongue with drama but it’s been sooo hard watching palette reviews and seeing tweets of people just straight up lying for attention ?”.

And he took to instagram to debunk the theory once and for all.

James shows the colors with no lights and no editing to prove the quality of the product. He explained that the colors are pressed pigments that require special techniques that he shows in the videos

This beauty queen is not hiding anything. Despite the haters, James has a LOT of supporters, Including prominent YouTubers like Laura Lee, Taiti, And Roxxasaurus who have all claimed to be shook by how amazing this palette is.

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