VIDEO: Kid Belting “Panic! At the Disco” At Karaoke Is Life Affirming

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I try not to use too much hyperbole when I write headlines here at What Is Trending Dot Com, (no matter how incredible the story), but please believe when I say this video of a kid at karaoke singing “Panic! At the Disco’s”‘s “I Make Sins Not Tragedy” is going to make your life 400% better. Actually, hold on, is singing really the right word? Maybe it’s belting, feeling, or just letting flow a raw wave of pure emotion there heretofore has been only saved for Broadway actors deep in the middle of the barricade scene of Les Miserables. Check it out above. Gaze at it, feel its energy, and dance along with all of his friends who can’t help but feel touched and incredible at his passion.

And sing along!

“I chime in with a
“Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!”
No, it’s much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality”

Hell yeah! The fact that this song is usually only sang by ex-sad horny teenagers who think doing drugs is the highest form of rebellion, and is now sung by a kid who probably wants to grow up to be a wonderful complicated adult makes it all the more beautiful. I mean, this song I always just saw as a fairly ridiculous benchmark of my emo high school experience reading Jhonen Vasquez comics, gazing lovingly at Hot Topic belts and dreaming of someday reading every Neil Gaiman comic in existence. All those things of course are much cooler than a song that was, according to, written when a member of “Panic! At the Disco” wanted to date a girl who ended up sleeping with a friend of his, which he equated to cheating. And look, it hurts, but it’s not cheating, and ‘whore’ is a hell of a word to use about someone who made a sexual decision that didn’t involve you.

That said, whatever, this video rocks, and what makes it all the better, the kid dedicated it to his sister. Wonderful.


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