VIDEO: Lego Movie Cast Creates In-Flight Video For Turkish Airlines

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Planes. They are like big Legos. The biggest Legos of them all. Yeah, that works. Anyway, only a few days after we lost that incredible Virgin flights videos to the deeply problematic Alaska Airlines, we are now treated to a new treat before we fly off into the mysterious sky, as long as you fly on Turkish Airlines — the cast of The Lego Movie teaching us how to store bigger items in the overhead compartment and how to adjust our seats. Thank you, Mr. Lego Man!

The video stars and cameos as many of the Lego Movie characters that we could fathom. We have Emmet and Wyldstyle of course, the stars of the original Lego Movie, here voiced again by their original actors Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks keeping things grounded and moving us through the all important steps of buckling your belt, moving your seat upright, and looking for the emergency exits.

Now, as the heroes of the Lego Movie, they can’t shoulder all the teachings. Lego Batman, voiced by his original actor Will Arnett, and Robin, voiced by Michael Cera are there to sort of show you what not to do, as the blowhardish Batman tries to bring as many tech items with him as possible, and will not sit next to the Zach Galifianakis voiced Joker.

All of this seems cute and like a trifle, but that’s all a part of its joy. It’s why I would bring you a safety video and make you look at it at What’s Trending Dot Com. The Lego Movie cast is light and fun, and sure, it might remind you capitalism run rampant to see the Ninjago Guys, two guys I don’t think anyone even liked that much, fighting over a seat, but it’s all worth it when we see the Allison Brie voiced Unikitty show up and parody the old Virgin video wonderfully.

Did you know Unikitty has a Cartoon Network show now? Unikitty is an important aspect of the cultural discussion.

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