VIDEO: Little Kid Falls Over After Eating Spicy Pickle

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You know what the Christmas/holiday season is all about, right? Yeah, sure, sure, presents, family, a much needed break from the stresses of the day to day. But also– a chance to post hilarious videos of people in your family getting up to goofs, games and other sorts of fun. For example, check out this video of a little kid eating a spicy pickle. Boy he wanted that pickle. Nothing he wanted more than this food that, to my ears, sounds unappetizing. Salty and spicy!? Who’s THAT for! Am I a brave enough foodie to try out the spicy pickle? I’ll tell you — not as brave as this kid who, in the video above, ate the pickle and then promptly fell OVER.

Poor kid! Get up! You still have to fight! You have to fight the forces who tell you you’re too young to eat a spicy pickle! He gets up, thankfully, but I’m sure that over time he will be one of those guys who has a YouTube channel where he eats increasingly spicy foods. That or he’ll be a doctor. I don’t know, I’m not the kid’s parents, I know he’ll be able to do whatever he wants. With ‘Spicy Pickle Eating Bravery’, truly you can do whatever you want in the world.

Do you want more stories about people eating spicy foods? Like when Lil Xan went to the emergency room due to an ulcer that he got from eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Or here’s a child who is absolutely dazed from eating wasabi. In case what you specifically want is another kid eating spicy foods. When it comes to spicy related content, What’s Trending has got you covered and then some.

But what do you think of the video? Have you ever had a spicy pickle? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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