VIDEO: Man Awoken In Car Causes Destruction

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First things first, don’t worry, no one gets too hurt in this video. But it’s just a reminder not to take sleep and rest for granted. No matter how much your employers want you to work, no matter how important something seems in the moment, always keep in mind the absolute importance of sleep. Maybe even use this video as a reminder of that. Again, no one gets too hurt in this thing, but it is scary as hell. The video, subtitled “Oh shit, I shouldn’t have woken him up”, shows Twitter user @sahnz coming up to a window, knocking on it to wake up the man in the car right in front of him.

Well, it takes a few knocks until the man in the automobile finally wakes up, and then hits the gas and… well, have you seen the video? The guy immediately flies into a stop sign. It’s pretty hard to watch. And a reminder. Sleep is extremely great! You think if I had my druthers I wouldn’t be snoring up a storm right now? That’s where you’re wrong my friend! The z’s would be flying high and flying round! This much I do declare!

But seriously, practice safety folks.

If you want want to see more action based videos involving automotive vehicles barely avoiding super destruction, check out this video of a guy racing against a deer only to have the deer jump over his car. Maniacs. Or if you want more vehicular nonsense, here’s a dog who decided to use a car wash as an automatic petting machine in a bit of cute animal based nonsense. Wonderful work, everyone. Wonderful work.

What do you think of the video above? What would you have done in the exact same situation? Would you have woken him up? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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