VIDEO: Man Gives CPR To Squirrel He Hit With Car

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The human race seems to be constantly wrestling with how to treat our animals. Is it humane to eat meat? Should we not care? Are zoos good or bad? What can we do to stop the extinction of endangered species? And squirrels we almost hit with our cars — how much CPR should we give them? A lot of CPR or a little bit of CPR? What should we do if a cop approaches? Should we just casually tell the car we are giving a squirrel we accidentally grazed with our car mouth to mouth resuscitation? There are a lot of questions to answers, and most importantly, a lot of CRP to squirrel questions to answer. Well, I have good news my friends, the video below should answer them all quite nicely. Check it out…

The Brooklyn Park police approach the young man, and ask him what’s going on, and I have to say, the young man reacts very very differently than if I got caught giving mouth to mouth to a squirrel. He explains to the cops that he accidentally hit the creature with his car, but none of the poor animal got, in the parlance of our most controversial enforcers of the law, go squished.

(They refer to the squirrel as a he, which is my opinion is VERY familiar — either to assume the squirrel’s gender or to check its genitals, whichever one they did).

In the end, the police stay with the young man as he pets the squirrel, it lying there in a state of shock, and then watch the squirrel as it leaps in the air and runs away. The guy high fives the cop, and we get maybe the least controversial and upsetting video of the police doing its job we’ve ever posted to the site. And all it involved was someone putting his lips on an animal’s lips. Good work, all.

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