VIDEO: Man Quits WalMart With Rant Over Intercom

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I believe that most of our readers witness our beautiful videos and entries while scrolling through their platforms at work, and during a week before Christmas break, when every day feels like a Friday, I think this video is going to his especially hard. Here we see a brave teen who quits his job at the garbage factory (aka your local WalMart) in absolutely the best way: with a long detailed rant about the store mistreated him and his friends, and how they don’t deserve the time he gave them! Oh hell yeah! Check out the video below, and shed a tear for this cool teen’s unbelievable bravery in telling his bosses and the customers… hey, treat me a little better okay? More pay, respect my free time, just be better, okay WalMart?

Ah, that’s the dream, isn’t it? To quit in a way so massive and splashy and beautiful that it gets everyone’s attention. Too bad you can only do it as a teen though, right? You do it as an adult, you just go home to a bunch of hungry mouths to feed, and go “Well, was being treated bad like WalMart that bad. The answer is yes, but it’s not as bad as having to shop at WalMart.

Then again, may the memory of your very dramatic quitting warm your soul in the cold nights, sir. And in due time. You will find a new job. Somehow. In some way. Even better than WalMart.

If you can imagine such a thing. Maybe even working at a Target. Then you work your way up to a Macy’s. Then you go back in time and work at Macy’s in the eighties when the economy was more respectful to folks. Oh, but can you only imagine such a thing.

Fantastic and satisfying. What do you think of the video of the kid telling WalMart what for? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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