VIDEO: Man Yells “You’re Treating Me Like a F***ing Black Person” As He Gets Arrested

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I’m not sure completely what to make of this news story, but here it is. Florida doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Epstien, upon hearing he may not be able to make his flight at an American Airlines airport, proceeded to act in a way that got the airline employees to call the police. That’s not the reason that the video has been receiving so much attention however, but rather, it is what Dr. Epstein yells in the video as he’s being tackled that’s been raising eyebrows, as Epstein yells “you’re treating me like a fucking black person” as he’s being tackled to the ground. Oof. Check out the video below.

It’s such an odd thing. Throughout the video you can see Epstein critiquing the role of the police in a very aware manner, telling them they aren’t deescalating the situation when the police make reference to foam collected around Epstein’s mouth. And he may be right, however, when he is tackled to the ground and shouts his now internet famous quote, he seems to imply that police brutality is something reserved for people of color, and not a white man such as him.

However, when being interviewed by an NBC Florida affiliate, his eyes still red from the pepper spray he received, he claims he was saying what he was saying in order to send a message. He says he was making the point that airline should take care of their customers and not call the cops, and number 2, if you’re the cops you should deescalate the situation. You can watch the clip here.

He claims his statement was to show that if even he, a 56 year old white person, couldn’t trust the police, then why should a person of color?


Okay. That’s still incredibly racist. Epstein is still implying that whatever happened to him should be more likely to happen to black people. Also, it’s incoherent, which given the video should be expected it. In any case it shows a shocking point of view that Twitter was quick to comment on.

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