VIDEO: MARZIA is QUITTING YouTube after PewDiePie Proposed

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VO: Marzia is PewDiePie’s famous Vlogger Girlfriend and she has just announced that she is shutting it all down.

Marzia began dating Felix Kjellberg aka, PewdiePie, long before his internet fame took off. And while Marzia had a longstanding love for fashion, according to her “goodbye” video, she never really found a place to shine.

That is until she found YouTube.

Marzia and Felix began creating youtube videos and Vlogs, when suddenly, Felix’s channel took off. Soon, the two were catapulted into stardom, and Marzia gained over 7 million subscribers and launched multiple clothing lines.

Recently, Felix proposed to Marzia while vacationing in Japan, and fans went crazy with excitement over the news.

However, fans were hardly prepared for the next bit of big news.

On Monday, Marzia posted a heartfelt video titled “Goodbye Youtube” which detailed the ups and down of her YouTube journey. She admitted that she is ready for her next chapter, and that the feelings have been brewing for a long time. She even admitted that she began feeling depressed, realizing that YouTuber life can admittedly be a little lonely. So, finally, Marzia decided she had enough.


On the anniversary of her move to Sweden, seven years prior and the day after her birthday, Marzia finally had the courage to close this chapter. She said: “I hope this doesn’t come across as me being tired of you…It’s about me needing to find my path, because for a long time I felt like I was following someone else’s.”

The move is a long time coming, as Marzia has been criticized by haters for capitalizing off Pewdiepie’s fame. She even wrote on her blog that she gave up some one her dreams for Felix saying: “Before I met Felix, my plans were to move to Paris and study art at a university, and none of that happened…”

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