VIDEO: Maya Rudolph Proposes To Amy Poehler at Golden Globes

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Look folks. I don’t have to tell you no one really respects writers too much. Writers are treated by the rest of Hollywood like this unnecessary cog that, hey, if they weren’t so busy they would be writing these things themselves. This is why the bit from Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler was so brilliant. During their introduction for the Best Screenplay Golden Globe, Maya Rudolph, shaking exaggeratedly, presented Amy with a ring in order to take attention away from the writers who are getting ready to accept their big award! Heck yeah! I’m not weeping behind my writerly visor! Heck yeah!

The bit is very charming, beyond the point that the sketch is trying to make regarding people’s trash attitudes towards us scribes of the once revered and forever noble world. Maya Rudolph’s exaggerated performance, with shaking and weeping and all, Amy Poehler’s stretching of her face against Maya Rudolph’s, all of it is deeply charming. Love, in all of its forms, is delightful. Even if it is used to wound us pained scribes who work to create the words that bring you joy and bring you laughter.

Anyway, Green Book won Best Screenplay, so maybe in this case it’s good that there was a much better bit to cover watching Green Book beating the brilliant and beautiful Roma. Blugh. The night in general could have used a few more bits like this. It felt like a strange awkward night that could have used more silly comedians pretending to marry each other rather than, say, watching the crew of “Bohemian Rhapsody” avoid mentioning Bryan Singer as sweat drops fly off their faces.

What a strange night.

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