VIDEO: Melania Trump says she’s the “Most Bullied Person In The World”?

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Melania Trump has claimed she is the most bullied person in the world, despite, you know… you guys know.

Melania Trump is taking on bullying, by focusing on those who are hurt in the world, those who are harassed online, those who are most in need of help who — just kidding, she talked about herself. What did you expect, some generosity of spirit? Wrong White House you guys.

Since the moment Melania Trump stepped into the White House, the pressure was on to find a charitable campaign to work on as the First Lady. Melania was turned down from multiple organizations and foundations for partnership, to which she expressed her disappointment saying: “I feel like they’re choosing the politics over helping others.”

That’s right, despite the bullying personality of her famous husband, Melania chose bullying with the grammatically incorrect “Be Best” campaign.

Of course, simply by saying that, maybe I’m giving in to Melania’s new theory that she happens to be the… most bullied person in the world. This is, just to put it in perspective, only a few weeks as Dr. Ford was mocked by the president for her testimony about the sexual assault done by Brett Kavanaugh. So I don’t know. Maybe there’s at least one more more bullied person.

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