VIDEO: N’Sync Singing the Poke’rap Will Take You Back to the 90’s

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Imagine a mental code word, an utterance, a video, that is so powerful it can send your brain immediately back to 1997. The moment you hear it your eyes glaze back and you wake up in your childhood bed, in your younger body, and get to relive 1997 for a full minute before flashing back to your adult troubles of living paycheck to paycheck and trying to maintain a good diet. What if I were to tell you that this technology has finally been created, and I have it at the tip of my fingertips? And what if I were to tell you it was this video of N’Sync singing the Poke’rap during a Kids WB promo for their Saturday morning airings of Poke’mon?

Use this technology wisely. For its time traveling nostalgia kick is as dangerous as it is potent. Now be ready for your favorite childhood band to name many but not all of the Poke’mon. Take us away Justin Timberlake, future bringer of Sexy Back, then a namer of Beedrill, the bee Poke’mon.

It’s honestly such a gift in a long and arduous workday to be reminded of getting up early on a Saturday to watch what might have been the first serialized program younger millennials watched, and absolutely the first animé. The one huge surprise here is that Warner Bros managed to get a band as big as N’Sync to come out to promote Poke’mon, although who knows how big they really are. Maybe I just thought they were big because as a child, what, you’re going to know who Bikini Kill is or something? No, not unless you’re an exceptionally cool child. Nah, you know all the fluffy small bands. The kind of band who would come out and sing the names of the Poke’mon in an ad that is generally useless because the show it’s promoting is coming up in just a few seconds.

Much better than “Dick in a Box” when it comes to novelty Justin Timberlake music in my opinion.

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