The Insane Clown Posse's Violent Jay did an adorable video with his daughter Ruby where the pair, the latter adorned in a furry outfit, called out "Snakes", aka people who rip off furries, in a video titled "Snake Watch". The video is wild, frenetic, and ridiculously goofy.

Yo ninjas! Check out my incredibly talented and charismatically colorful daughter Ruby Bruce Lee and yours truly, The Duke of the Wicked, Violent J in snake busting action!!! As we present to you, the debut of our brand new, much talked about, much anticipated You Tube series called “The Snake Busters!!! That’s right ninjas and ninjettes, Ruby Beauty Bruce and Deadly Daddy Bruce – Together – as a dream team of supreme beam – we scowl this crusty, dusty, musty earth searching every known and unknown crevice of this dirty, infected planet, far and wide, from it’s largest, most populated, mega metropolises to it’s most remote, unexplored corners in search of the galaxy’s most severely savage and undoubtedly deadliest, utterly venomous serpents, giant vicious vipers and slithering, yellow bellied, poisonous, untrustworthy, death snakes of doom!! Togeather with our very own, death gripping highly skilled, lightning quick, bare hands, we single handedly and heroically catch, crush and contain the world’s most chaotic, criminal, crooked businesses and maliciously evil, satanic villains to ever inhabit our universe. All types of devious, diabolical, demented, hell dwelling, despicable devils go down thanks to our daughter daddy duo. We doop and scoop them up like dog poop and do away with these dastardly depraved, disastrous and destructive demons. Unfortunately the bad guys are many and the good guys are few. But the Snake Busters ain’t going anywhere at all! This is just our first of many episodes in the months to come! Many snakes will fall in the future! The Snake Busters won’t stop until all of these damn dogs are done sharing our air and good cheating people out of there honestly made, hard earned money. Check out our 1st episode and find who the first unlucky snakes are to get caught, fought and damn sure tought a lesson in snake bustage!!! Check out episode one of “The Snake Busters” right here, right now entitled “Furry Fury”!!!…VJ

Posted by Insane Clown Posse on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Furries and Juggalos are two subcultures that have gotten a bad rap over the years, but maybe should be a little more understood, perhaps? After all, was it not Furries <a href=””>who played with Syrian refugees in a hotel</a> in 2016, and is it not the noble Juggalo who will save us from the dystopian facial recognition future with their brilliant invention of “Juggalo Face Paint”? I believe so. So with that in mind, I would like to proclaim: there is absolutely nothing purer on the internet than this video of Violent J making a video with his fur suited daughter in order to smoke out vendors who sell bad far suits, or as they call them, snakes! Get out of there, snakes!

The video — the first episode of a series titled Snake Busters is the sweetest thing we’ve seen online in maybe years. It begins with Violent J’s daughter, Ruby (a furry Juggalo) razzing her dad Violent J (a Juggalo furry) and how a fur suit they bought really set them back because, as her mom would say, if he was better at rapping he would be a lot wealthier! Burn! Zing! Ooh! The pair then go on to call out a crappy fur suit manufacturer, but the real thing at show is a man we did not know too much about bonding beautifully with his daughter over something so pure it makes our hearts shatter. Awww.

What do you think of the adorable video? Will you help Violent J and his daughter Ruby smoke out no good snake salesmen? Or are you on the side of fur suits that, according to the videos, can store nine heads in the head mask and have eyes that are both purple which, as Ruby points out, is incredibly lame. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @Whatstrending.