Video Of Thousand Oaks Shooting Survivor Is Heartbreaking

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For those who try to ignore or excuse the mass shootings — or stand in the way of sensible solutions to the continuing gun violence — nothing could be more heartbreaking than watching the mass human cost, the unbelievable loss of life, and the impossible to erase psychological trauma and pain that an attack of this magnitude. The shooting last night at a Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California has engendered all of these feelings again, and the victims of the terrorist attack are getting emergency care, and a clip from a man who survived that attack shows the kind of post traumatic stress and feelings of intense survivor’s guilt that an attack like this creates — hurting the lives of anyone close to the attack. The video, featuring an interview with a witness on ABC7, showed the witness pained with guilt over seeing young people killed, and pained with guilt over not doing more to help them, but he had to escape for his son. The news reporter points out that there is nothing he could have done (indeed, an armed sheriff’s deputy was killed confronting the gunman).

Still, the assurances of how little he could have done if he attempted to engage with the shooter does not quell the man’s shock and the man’s guilt. You can watch the painful clip below and see the effect that guns and shootings such as these caused by the guns have on the lives of those around them. You can also see that so many of us are so good, and the impossible war like choices that many have to make when faced in a terrorist attack of this kind of magnitude.

Our thoughts are with the victims, survivors and families of those involved in the attack. Don’t forget that if you live in the area, hospitals are seeking o negative blood that you can donate to help those hurt by the shooting.

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