VIDEO: Preacher Goes VIRAL After FLYING into the Service at a Mississippi Church

Mississippi preacher goes viral in eye-catching video as he surprises his congregation by using the Christmas pageant rig to illustrate the second coming of Christ.
By WhatsTrending

This pastor literally flew in from the Heavens. Or at least the ceiling.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more social media news daily. That’s right Brown Missionary Baptist Church got a surprise from above when Rev. Bartholomew Orr flew into the auditorium to demonstrate the unexpected nature of the second coming of Christ.

The video of the stunt of course went straight to social media, so everyone on the internet could enjoy.

And they did.

Like Winnie Wright who said” Now that’s what I call making an entrance”. Or Forgiven Jesse who said “If your Pastor flying in the sanctuary on Sunday morning, I can’t trust you, him or that church. Period.

Get Out’s Lakeith Statfield even shared the video on his instagram with the caption “I’m dead lmaaaaoooooooo my dude is FLYING. OK OK I’m going back to church”

Many made comments on the cost of the stunts, which people criticize the church for misusing titles.

Though, in a follow up video, Reverend Orr clarified that the flying apparatus was already installed for the Church’s Christmas pageant. Many churches use a lift in their pageants for the angels portion of the program where the angels visit the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus and tell them to follow the star to the manger.

We want to see more special effects though. Give us an indoor fireworks show! Do a card trick! Bring on a special guest celebrity! Come on, I bet Beakman from Beakman’s world would do this thing! Mr. Preacher! I demand you bring us Beakman!

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