VIDEO: President Trump Getting On Air Force One With Toilet Paper On Shoe

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There is a lot to unpack in what is maybe the most potent visual metaphor for the Donald Trump administration, as the president gets onto Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe in this action packed video that lets us both know the embarrassing president just wiped his butt and then stepped in a remnant of the toilet paper roll he wiped his butt with.

The president self importantly boards the plane, not realizing he is a humiliating weirdo, ignoring the path of toilet paper germs he leaves in his wake, with no one who likes him enough to tell him he done stepped in the poop paper after wiping his butt in the bathroom.

The president has no friends. He is embarrassing. His legacy will be the kind of guy who steps onto Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe and people just go “well, what do you expect? He’s a huge idiot. Damn.”

Good work everyone. We’d say this is a distraction from the awful Kavanaugh vote taking place today, but most likely the President is a dumb dude who is proving the privilege his base gives him to screw up left and right by walking onto the presidential plane dragging toilet paper behind him. What a movie.

I can’t wait for Adam McKay to direct this shot. I mean, Vice looks so great. We can have a shot where the president is so busy drafting a Tweet about whatever the hell boofing is that he steps in toilet paper and leaves the plane. He then demands an aide explain why everyone is comparing him to Mario Kart, and what Mario Kart is, and then tunes out as the aide describes drifting and leaves.

This guy stinks.


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