VIDEO: Protesters Chant Mitch McConnell Out of Restaurant, Call Him a Turtle Head

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Oh, Turtle-Head. Mitch McConnell the Turtle-Head. What could you be thinking? Is it of leaves? Is it of hiding in your shell? Or is it what exactly you did with the immigrant children and why. Come on Turtle Head, we want answers! Protestors found Mitch McConnell at the Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville, Kentucky and protested him there, asking where the kids are and calling him… a Turtle Head.

Now that Americans have received an image of just how truly terrible the current political and American landscape is, they are taking justice into their own hands in terms of protesting the politicians who enable and enforce Trump’s policies at their places of comfort.

Which makes sense, if these people are okay with children not having a decent meal as they’re locked away from their parents, they can be bothered while enjoying some grossly ironic Mexican food (looking at you, Kristjen Nielsen). Mitch McConnell was recorded during one of these moments as he walked away from protesters who found him at the Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville, Kentucky, and marched him out. The protestors demanded to ask him how he could enable the destruction of the lives of thousands of families in some sort of repulsive attempt to serve a fascist leader, tell him they will vote him out and most importantly… call him a turtle head.

Oh turtle head. Gentle turtle head. What goes through your little turtle mind when you hear that children as young as one are representing themselves in immigration court because you demanded to build the road to hell so there can be a little letter “R” next to the president’s name. Oh Turtle Head. Now your terrible choice is resulting in two Supreme Court Justices after you destroyed the constitution, chewing on it with your awful turtle gums to delay the appointment of Merrick Garland based on some BS that you created and then will not follow when your party would be the one stuck.

Oh, Turtle Head. The very idea is an insult to turtles, noble animals who would probably care if children wept in the night for their parents because of them. You suck, Turtle Head. Jeez.


What do you think? Should we be civil and keep calling Mitch McConnell “Turtle Head”, or should we throw in a bunch of other insults unique to his shelled animal physique? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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