VIDEO: Raccoon Attacks Crow Like We’re In The Jungle Or Something

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Why turn on the Discovery Channel to see terrifying creatures destroying their prey, when there’s plenty of awful, horrific nature right out there in your own back-yard. Take for example this truly terrible video of a raccoon stalking and devouring a crow. That’s right, a raccoon! Check it out below.

I bet you guys didn’t think much of what a raccoon ate, and if you had to guess, you would have said “trash”. But no, for even in the kingdom of the human being, there are still animals vying for survival. There are still creatures on the hunt — predator and prey… raccoon and crow. Watch. And be shocked. At the brutality… of nature that is also in the dirty as heck park.

We’ve done a lot of raccoon content on this website in the past year, and you are free to check it out. We’ve had raccoons fly onto windshields, we’ve had raccoons being rushed to a firehouse because they’ve gotten too stoned. We’ve had raccoons who pop bubbles, raccoons who climb skyscrapers, and raccoons who are so fat they get stuck in grates. You want raccoons stealing phones and raccoons getting rescued in little life vests? We’ve got that. You want a raccoon losing its cotton candy? Well, unfortunately, we’ve got that too.

Look, the amount of raccoon content that we have is both unreal and borderline insane. Why do we honor these cute little creatures so? We honor their prowess and fierceness? What is this secret life of raccoons? What goes through their souls when they knock over a trashcan? What think they when they see me heading back to my apartment at night and freeze up, staring me in the eye, daring me to make a move and then doing nothing when I do? Raccoons, tell me your amazing poetry, I beg of you and beseech you.

Also please stop killing crows in front of me! Too scary!

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