VIDEO: Rapper Does Pitch Perfect Siri Impression

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Can you do a good impression of Siri? It’s hard to do, right. The part where you have to maintain patience for a human being where you are a powerful computer connected to the entire internet. It’s a tough racket. Plus the reedy but sweet voice can be a challenge. Still, fear not! One powerful figure, a rapper named HAZMATCASS (on Twitter as @HAZMATCASS just stunned the internet with a near pitch perfect impression of the computer OS.

Seriously, as I was watching it I thought I was watching some kind of editing trick. But no, it’s the real thing. Real voice coming out of a real person. Check it out above.

When the impression dropped and went viral near instantaneously, the internet was stunned! What is this vocal talent!? This grand vocal ability!? And while normally the talents given by these kind of viral stars are fleeting specks of dust in the wind, in this case, HAZMATCASS’s sound cloud is that of an actual rapper! Shoot! We’ll let her link to it so you can check it out!

Darn! Siri uhh… play me uhh… a very sick beat! Winky face!

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