As his new character, Israeli mercenary Erran Morrad, Sacha Baron Cohen has convinced quite a few GOP leaders to advocate for the "Kinder-Guardians" program, to arm kids between four and twelve years old.

Over the past two weeks, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime show, “Who is America” received an unthinkable amount of easy press when some of the most loathed Republican figureheads came forward and accused Sacha Baron Cohen of tricking them into looking ridiculous. When the Showtime series was released we saw the reality: boy, these guys were ready to look ridiculous.

Sacha Baron Cohen presented people with a ridiculous point of view and some people scrunched up their nose, some were polite, but it’s the one who went “finally, the opinion I’ve always wanted to express, expressed at me!” who are the worst. The clip, released by Showtime, is damning, insane, brilliant, and sitting right in the zeitgeist, showing Cohen as his new character, the Israeli “terrorist fighter” Erran Morrad getting GOP leaders to admit they want to see children carrying and firing guns — children as young as four.

The segments begins with Erran Morrad, Cohen’s Israeli mercenary character, interviewing Phillp Van Cleave, a gun’s rights advocate whose entire goal seems to be to own the libs after taking the time after the Newtown massacre to go on Piers Morgan and talk about how fun the gun is to shoot. Sacha Baron Cohen gets Van Cleave to shoot a commercial for kids teaching them how to use guns showing that this guy is absolutely all in when it comes to getting children shooting folks in their… big bellies or whatnot.

Anything to sell more guns.

That said, Phillip Van Cleave, that guy’s insane, right? It’s not like we can get a cadre of Republican politicians to support children owning guns simply because a man agreed with them hard enough about it, right? Well…

Yup. There they are. Joe Walsh later commented on the interview saying that he emphatically doesn’t believe that kindergarteners should be armed (he called them “Kinderguardians” as per a script).

Still, that’s just as troubling. Is it that easy to get all these Republican figureheads to say something inhuman they don’t believe at all!? Is this the universe we’re in now, where Donald Trump or the NRA speak and Republicans follow as if they’re customer service employees and not people representing a vast peoples in crisis?

It’s bananas. And a preview of next week’s episode shows Cohen’s Morrad character interview Dick Cheney, so get ready for the Frost/Nixon of our time to really make rock us all.

Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Bernie Sanders was on the episode, and mostly seemed incredibly confused, but sympathetic to Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional “Billy Wayne Ruddick”. He never advocated for kids shooting guns, though!

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