VIDEO: Shoe Untying Penguin Unties Shoes

A jerky penguin unties a Long Island Aquarium employee's shoes in a hilarious video posted by Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss.
By Alex Firer

When we last wrote about Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss, it was due to her fantastic Mike Pence trolling/ legitimately very sweet book “A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo”. It was the story of a sweet rabbit who fell in love, and while it was very cute for a rabbit who wore clothes, one could say there was a dearth of proper mischief. Not so with this video of a penguin posted by Twiss from her visit to the Long Island Aquarium portraying a jerky little shoe untying penguin doing what he does best. That’s right. Untying people’s shoes.

This penguin, or as I like to call him, the little shoe untying so and so, can be seen untying the shoe lace of an aquarium employee as he is giving a speech who is, in Jill’s words, “explaining in the nicest possible way that some penguins are a little slutty”.

And ‘lo, a race of slutty penguins and prankster penguins are introduced to the world, like a race of smurfs, where each and every penguin has their own incredibly exciting personality that’s different from all penguins that comes before it. There’s the penguin who unties shoes, there’s the penguin who wants to fly, but knows deep down in his penguin heart he can’t. There’s the evil penguin, often mustachioed, known as the Wapenguin, whose evil goes directly against the Mapengin and his brother the Lupenguin. There’s also sleepy penguin, slow penguin and of course, the penguin whose hero is the penguin who pushed that other penguin into the ice in that classic penguin ice pushing meme.

Of course, all of those penguins are meaningless. For today we celebrate the shoe untying penguin. One of the all time greatest animal pranksters. Bless.

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