VIDEO: Snow Bunny Hair Is Here!

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Hair trends. They come and go. But this one… well… I guess it’s in the “coming” part of the equation. Because my friends… snow bunny hair is here. So, what is snow bunny blonde hair?

Icy, platinum blonde hair has been a hot trend for years, and celebrity hair stylist Tabatha Coffey told The Rachael Ray Show that the trend is here to stay in 2019. Inspired by the snow, the snow bunny hair trend is a light platinum blonde color.The name “snow bunny blonde” is mainly used when people with naturally dark hair dye their locks.

The color has cool tones in it. “It can have violet-esque tones or slight ashy, light-blue tones. It’s very frosty,” Coffey said. According to Pop Sugar, “icy hair” has seen a 45 percent increase in Pinterest searches in the last month. Many people style the look with slight roots left at the top.

This is so that as the hair grows out, you don’t have to rush to get a retouch done. The snow bunny trend is more of a white-blonde instead of an ashy blonde. “This color is a very pale, heavily highlighted powdery blond with a slight hint of baby blue,” one hair stylist explained to Pop Sugar.

Getting to the bright color could take several visits at the salon to avoid damaging hair. Once you have the color you want, stylists recommend using purple shampoo to hold the color. The purple shampoo keeps blonde hair from becoming brassy. It’s also important to use heat protecting spray when styling blonde hair.

Hot tool can burn your hair, making your locks darker when you don’t protect it. What do you think of the snow bunny hair trend? Do you love it? Are you going to dye your hair? Are you going to show it in the snow? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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