VIDEO: This 91-Year-Old Grandpa Is In Unbelievably Active

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This grandpa might be cooler than you. Or at the very least far far more athletic. You see, 91 year old John Carter refuses to “get old”. That’s a young man’s game, getting old — and so he has decided to live his life to the absolute fullest athletically. In the video above you can see Carter skiing, doing cannonballs, just the absolute works of a full physical life style. Heck, he’s a buff guy! And videos of his active life have gone viral.

He’s determined to keep up his physically active lifestyle as long as he can and has been dubbed by the ever selective and picky internet as the “extreme grandpa”. But how does John keep his intense regiment going? How does he live the physical life that we can only dream of having? Well…

John wakes up at 5am every morning, and he works out 5 days a week. “Being active has been a part of my whole life. I just never quit so I never got old.” Carter owned a sewing and fabric business with his late wife Bonnie for 40 years in Canada. “My motivation is to live a long and healthy life. Do any kind of activity you can, and do it with a good attitude.”

We think that’s pretty inspiring and beautiful, and it sounds like Carter’s family felt the same. When Mr Carter’s grandson-in-law Devin Graham saw this, he knew he had to make a video. And now you’re watching the video above! Watch Carter hike, swim, fish, and just push his old body to the fullest! It’s nice to see someone not let age stop them from living their best life all the way. Hey, if this very old man can lift weights five days a week, who knows what you can do!

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