VIDEO: This ADORABLE Elderly YouTuber Thanks Subs INDIVIDUALLY

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This YouTuber is going viral and it’s the most precious thing you’ll see today.

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Nilson Izaias is a senior citizen who loves to vlog about the flowers and fruits in his garden, and as a token of his gratitude, he decided to write down all of his subscribers and thank them individually.

And for a man who loves to share about his successes with gardening, surely, he could not have expected to become the next viral sensation. At the end of January, Nilson reportedly had just 1,862 followers. Now, he has over 1.3M, gaining over a million subscribers in just 48 hours.


Because it’s PURE.

Just look at this video titled “Another Slime attempt that almost worked out my friends”


In it, Nilson attempts to make slime in the kindest, gentlest way and the comments section is flooded with sweet reactions. Odelise said- “Is it just me who cries to see the kindness and love of this gentleman? There should be more people like that.” Izabela said – “I’ve never been so happy watching a video, sir channel filled me with happiness” This user said – “My God, he’s so cute, somebody helps me.”

Other hits include… “I tried to make a slime. It did not work.”, “I made a slime. This time it worked out.”, “Me having my breakfast in the morning”, and “Fruits from my backyard.”

He also gives us a tour though his house, and the fact that it is slightly out of focus only makes it that much more endearing. He introduces us to the good doggos that keep watch over his house, and shows us his Bible and keyboard.

But the one thing that makes Nilson stand out from the rest is his immense gratitude. In his latest video, which was posted after he started going viral, Nilson thanks everyone for their kind words, and he continues on to thank subscribers by name.

Though, with now over a million subscribers, it might take a while to finish all of his shout outs


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