VIDEO: Tracy Morgan Brings Us The Weirdest Donald Trump Impression Yet

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We’ve had plenty of comedians try their hand at doing an impression of Donald Trump. There are the incredible ones, such as Anthony Atamanuik’s, which were seen on The President Show, Sarah Silverman’s “I Love You America” and countless others. There are ones that are more critiqued, such as Alec Baldwin’s which, despite winning the Emmy, remains divisive, but at least makes Donald Trump mad because he only watches one of two TV shows I guess. Now we have a Donald Trump impression that has outdone itself in terms of just pure, simple super weirdness: Tracy Morgan’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Following a particularly eventful, Mario inspired, day of news for the Trump administration, Tracy Morgan came in with the kind of impression that Donald Trump, our most lackluster president, seemingly deserves. As always, not altering his comedy voice that Morgan does for every one of his characters an iota, Morgan gives us a Donald Trump with appropriately tiny hands and a weird lackadiscal attitude. However– he DID paint his chest orange. Because, as Morgan states, he cares about his craft.

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