VIDEO: Trisha Paytas Apologizes For Past Rant Against IMMIGRANTS

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Trisha Paytas apologizes for her ignorant videos, which have recently resurfaced online. In this digital age, it’s hard to escape our online history, and YouTube Creator Trisha Paytas is no exception.

Trisha started her channel in 2006 and focuses on lifestyle vlogs and hauls. Her fans love her for her honest and controversial discussions describing her personal life and past working as a stripper and escort. She models for lingerie and fetish photoshoots, and has her own perfume titled Trish.

Trisha has over 4 million subscribers, and is credited with popularizing the mukbang boom, but this video recently surfaced on Twitter of Trisha talking about immigrants in a xenophobic way,

A lot of Trisha’s fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Kai said “hang on. how is she gonna take trumps side when David Dobrik is literally here under DACA & also one of her CLOSEST FRIENDS. trisha paytas is cancelled.” Miranda Krueger tweeted “Trisha Paytas really had the audacity to say immigrants are “ stealing our jobs “ when her “job” is sitting on a floor, eating and crying all day” One fan asked “what’s the tea with trisha paytas?” and Trisha herself responded “she cancelled boo”

Trisha uploaded a lengthy apology video, explaining her ignorant motives behind the original video, saying “I was so driven for money, I would say anything …I know I lack substance, talent and intelligence..but I have heart.”

Trisha deleted the video after realizing years ago she didn’t want to create clickbait videos anymore, adding “Years later Shane was like you don’t have to do this- people like you for you.” But regardless, once on the internet, always on the internet. And for the record, Trisha clarifies her political views, saying: “I can say without hesitation that I don’t support Trump.”

She talks about her friends who she’s seen their families affected by recent policies, and says “I don’t support trump, they were satire, it doesn’t feel good”.


What do you think about Trisha’s old comments being resurfaced? Do you think people should be held accountable for their past? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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