VIDEO: Why The Heck Did NRATV Put Thomas The Tank Engine In A KLAN HOOD?

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The goblins at the NRA are upset that Thomas the Tank Engine is getting more diverse, and decided to dress him up as a Klanmember to retaliate.

Thomas the Tank Engine has a new friend from Kenya named Nia. She’s part of a new collaboration between Mattel and the United Nations to “inspire the next generation of global citizens and emphasize sustainable development.” The idea is that Thomas and Friends will be a more well-rounded, educational program if it contains characters from around the world.

But conservative culture warrior Dana Loesch from NRATV thinks it’s a step too far, that involved her portraying Thomas and his friends wearing Klan hoods.

What the fuck?

Ok, I think this is an attempt at a joke, so I’m gonna try to break it down. They’re making fun of Thomas & Friends for introducing female characters from other countries. And they’re saying “What? Thomas the Tank Engine was racist and sexist before? I think that would look…a little something like this.” But that joke only works if the only reason to add diverse characters is because your show was previously very racist.

Which is…I don’t know how to tell you this, Dana….very racist!

Take Rugrats for example. Rugrats was not an overtly racist show in its first few seasons, but at some point, the creators were like “Huh, all of the characters in this show are white. And a lot of people watch this show who aren’t white. Maybe we should add some characters who look more like them too.” And so they introduced Susie and Kimi.


And it was fine. The world didn’t end! White kids didn’t suddenly feel inferior because there was a black cartoon character on their favorite show. Now, I know what you’re saying as you pound furiously at your keyboard, telling me to take my head out of my ass that I’ve just bathed in hemp and almond milk.

You’re saying, “Why do trains need racial diversity? They’re trains!”

Folks, this is very dumb. Nowhere in the show, or on Mattel’s website, or anywhere else, has anyone ever said that Thomas is a caucasian train.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to represent characters in ways other than skin tone. And kids are going to look at Nia the train and say, “Hey, that train looks different than Thomas. Maybe I should learn about that train.” And that’s the whole point. Learning new things. Curiosity. It’s good to learn things about other people or other trains.

It doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t mean you’ve fallen prey to PC culture. It just means you recognize you’re part of a global society where what we do affects each other.

The other crazy thing is – this isn’t even a brand new thing for Thomas & Friends. There have been lady trains from other countries before, including Ashima from India, who was introduced in 2016. There’s also Yong Bao from China and Shane from Australia.


Yes, every country in the world has trains – a disastrous message for the youth of America. The mentally dextrous cardboard cutouts at Fox & Friends discussed this back in 2017, where co-host Abby Huntsman defended the show, much to the chagrin of the male co-hosts.

And last thing before we go. What the hell does this have to do with the NRA? Shouldn’t you guys be picking fights with traumatized teenagers or something? This is just another entry in their bogus culture wars to try and make older, white Americans feel like the rest of the world is out to get them.

And, you know what? It works really well. These people get riled up and they vote. Ugh. Ugh!!

What do you guys think? Does a cartoon character from Africa really chap your hide? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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