VIDEO : Woman Feeds Shark, Shark Drags Woman Into Water

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I think now is a good time to remind our intrepid viewership: buddy, you’re not going to beat nature. You think you have the upper hand on the savage beasts of man, but I got some news for you pal– back off! Melissa Brunning was vacationing in Perth, Australia was doing the normal every day deeply unadvisable thing to do in Dugong Bay, ignoring the warnings, and feeding the sharks. Well folks, I don’t know if the sharks were liking what they were being fed, because I guess they wanted more, and they dragged the woman into the water, as the people accompanying her go in after her, saving her life.

Watch the video below, and remember for the more squeamish of us: the woman survives. Everything is okay.

“I came up and I said, ‘I’ve lost my finger’ and I couldn’t even look at my finger because I thought it was gone, and I thought if I looked at it I’d probably go into shock,” Brunning said, however, her fingers was fine (thank goodness), and all she had to be treated for is an infection. Normally an infection is truly some awful stuff, but I think when it’s the result of a shark attack it feels like a splinter after a tree has come to life and decided to punch you.

According to ABC 13 — “Brunning says she doesn’t blame the shark at all, and that the incident has taught her to respect marine life”, which is a the best possible ending to a shark attack story, and I am glad it did not result in Brunning becoming some kind of shark loathing super villain, putting Dr. Doom style armor on her finger, and watching coldly as her army just begins biting sharks back. Chomp, they go! Chomp chomp!

We have fun.

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