57-year-old Anne Marie Messiano was caught on camera spewing racial epithets at people of color aboard a bus in Orangetown, New York. Vladimir Philidore, who recorded the videos, said that nobody on the bus did anything to provoke her.

A woman was arrested after a racist rant and manhandling onlookers on a New York bus.


57-year-old Anne Marie Messiano of Pearl River unleashed an expletive-laden rant at people of color on the public bus and was filmed from multiple angles.


She continually said that the bus’s other passengers should have their papers checked, and that she felt she had every right to behave in that way. Vladimir Philidore, who recorded the videos, said that nobody on the bus did anything to provoke her. Philidore said she yelled at the bus driver first, before targeting other passengers.


The bus driver dialed 911 after Messiano approached Philidore and tried to grab the phone out of his hand. At this point, another passenger can be heard saying “grab your mother,” though it’s unclear if anyone else on the bus was related to Messiano.


Of course, before this, she knew that Philidore was taping her, as she looked at the camera and taunted him. On all of his posts, Philidore included the hashtags BlackLivesMatter, AllLivesMatter, AllImmigrantsMatter and EndRacism.

And she was calling him an illegal immigrant during her rant, despite the fact that he was born in Brooklyn. Messiano apparently continued her tirade when the police arrived to escort the woman from the bus.

She was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, given a court summons and released. After further investigation by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department, more charges were filed against Messiano of criminal obstruction of breathing and aggravated harassment.

”Criminal Obstruction of Breathing” is a formal way of saying she tried to choke the dude!

We don’t know much about Messiano outside of this incident. Her public Facebook page only has a little information, and some photos of her with a bird at a street fair and receiving a Certificate of Completion for some unknown program.

The town supervisor of Orangetown, Chris Day, wrote on Facebook: “Her behavior is forever enshrined on the internet among the great idiots of our time, and I hope she learns a lesson in appropriate behavior and tolerance from the experience as she is recognized on the street as ‘crazy racist lady from the bus’ for the next several years of her life.”

The one piece of good news for Messiano? If someone does Google “crazy racist lady,” you might have to scroll down for awhile to find her. Between #PermitPatty and Barbecue Becky, its quite the competition.

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