VIDEO: YouTuber Fakes MISCARRIAGE in Stunt Gone WRONG for Views

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People are calling for a YouTuber to take down an intense prank video involving a fake miscarriage.

These YouTubers have built a brand around pranking each other, but a lot of viewers are saying this prank took things way to far.

Vanessa alludes to a prank that her boyfriend did to her in a previous video but what she does next is really intense. Vanessa purchases fake blood from Party City, and proceeds to smear it on herself and the toilet. When her boyfriend Zavi enters the bathroom, he of course freaks out and begins to call the hospital.

She then tells him it was a prank and surprise surprise, he’s mad! Weee.

Screenshots of this video made it onto Twitter and people were not about it, as many were calling for it to be taken down.

YouTube responded: Update on this–we did remove this custom thumbnail and age restricted the video. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

The couple turned off the comments on the video but have left it up, as it’s one of their most popular uploads, coming in right ahead of Zavi’s prank video on Vanessa, where he faked proposing to her with a ring pop.


Ugh. I mean, I’ll had it to her, that is really a horrifying prank. Heck, I’ll put prank in quotation marks, and with the high amount of views the couple has gotten at old rubbernecks here to glance at uneasy horror. Although… I mean, were views really worth this? Here’s hoping I never get a job where I have to make money pranking my girlfriend. Or tricking I guess is what they were doing. Tricking, even more troubling.

But what do you think? This this couple go too far for views? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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