VIDEO: YouTuber TROLLS THIEVES With Glitter and Fart Spray BOMB

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This former NASA engineer is getting back at package thieves in the most epic way. YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober builds incredible things on his youtube channel, where he claims over 4.5 M subscribers.

But his latest project is taking over the internet.

In a video titled “Package Thief vs Glitter Bomb Trap”, Mark expresses how sick and tired he is of package thieves. This no doubt is how many people feel, as especially with the holidays in full swing, these package thieves are easily casing in. So Mark decided to take matters into his own hands.

He assembled a booby trap gizmo designed to spray glitter and fart spray as soon as the fake package is opened. He used a 3D-printer, a custom-printed circuit board, GPS, and four phones with cameras and of course…fart spray. He also equipped the package with cameras so he could record the whole thing.

Mark said he was inspired by the movie Home Alone and left a little nod to the little prankster on the package. Fellow YouTuber Sean Hodgens, who helped with the project, also uploaded a video going into detail about the project.

When the trap was assembled, Mark didn’t have to wait long before his plan was set into motion. The video goes on to show the hilarious images captured when the thieves opened the trap.

This video has gone viral, as plenty of people can relate to this terrible problem and love seeing the sweet sweet revenge. The video has over 11M views…and tons of people have been sharing the video on social media. Chris Sacca shared the video saying “Riveting video from a vigilante engineer who decides to take on doorstep package thieves. So good”, and Anil Dash who said “I genuinely laughed so hard at this @MarkRober video that I teared up. An absolutely perfect, over engineered response to the awful problem of people stealing packages from one’s porch.


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