VIDEO: YouTubers Sam and Colby ARRESTED For Trespassing

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Sam and Colby and Trending on Twitter but probably not for the reasons they hoped.

Sam and Colby are a YouTube duo that started out on Vine, and moved into creating exploration and overnight videos on YouTube. Their channel has become very popular with over 2M subscribers, but their latest video went awry.

The pair were arrested on Jan. 16 after trespassing at a closed school that was under construction, and while fans aren’t necessarily surprised that they finally got caught, they did begin the hashtag #FreeSamAndColby which started trending on Twitter

Sam has 1 charge and his bail is at 2,000, while Colby has 3 and his bail is at 6,000 Upon hearing the news, their fandom flew into a frenzy. Corey Scherer tweeted YO FREE MY BOYS SAM AND COLBY, Eboy said, “We all knew Sam and Colby were gonna get arrested at some point smh it’s all cause sams whispering is as loud as a car engine”, and Naya said “This is gonna be a heck of a storytime video”.

Which…is that a problem? These guys regularly make videos (and I’m assuming money) trespassing… so getting arrested for it only makes their content hotter? And more popular? Didn’t YouTube just say they were going to crack down on harmful content? Is filming yourself doing something illegal and then posting about it considered harmful?

Plenty of YouTubers have been caught breaking the law for views. Jackass’s Steve-O is the king of this kind of content. In 2015, Steve-O climbed a construction crane in Los Angeles to protest SeaWorld. He was convicted of two misdemeanors and sentenced to 30 days of jail time and 36 months of probation.

Others are not so cute or funny, like Sam Pepper who would walk around grabbing random women’s butts or flashing his private parts, which is pretty much super trash. And Matthew Cordle even uploaded a video of himself confessing to killing a man while he was driving drunk. When police got a hold of this, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six and half years in prison and a lifetime loss of driving privileges.


So why is it so hard for these YouTubers to be arrested for documenting themselves committing a crime? Many police departments require law enforcement to catch the perpetrator in the act, which is why Sam and Colby were able to get away with trespassing for so long. and YouTube’s policies, while getting stricter every day are still pretty murky around this subject.

So what do you think about YouTubers filming themselves breaking the law? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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