12-Year-Old Basketball Player Olivier Rioux is 7 Feet Tall

At 12, he’s several inches taller than the average NBA player.

A video started making the rounds this week featuring a 12-year-old basketball player named Olivier Rioux. Keep in mind, the average height of a 12-year-old boy is 4’10”, and Rioux, according to a video from BasketCantera.tv, is 2.13 meters tall, which is just under 7 feet.

You can immediately see the kind of advantage this gives him when playing basketball, especially because his youth league plays on an 8-foot hoop. To put that height advantage in perspective, Olivier Rioux has over a 2-foot advantage over his average teammate, which is about 45% of their total height. At this point, he should probably just join the NBA!

Now, despite his effortless dominance on the court, his team the Frenchy Phenoms actually lost in their final game, 90-89. We’re not exactly sure how this happened, considering Real Madrid appears to be a team filled with normal-sized children. The only possible explanation is that the other children temporarily subdued and tied him down, Gulliver-style.

Rioux has already achieved some notoriety in his homeland of Quebec. His entire family is pretty damn tall, though he’s noticeably taller than his 15-year-old brother and both of his parents. Rioux dreams of being in the NBA, though it’s not yet clear if he’s legitimately a great basketball player or just super fucking tall.

He also hasn’t gone up against 13-year-old phenom LeBron James Jr. (aka Bronny). But, Bronny, right now, is only about 5’8” so we’re pretty sure Olivier Rioux would eat him.

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