How Sway!? Dept: Kanye Meets With Donald Trump

  • So uhhh… this isn’t why Kanye went blonde, is it?

    Look, there’s being a controversial superstar, then there’s whatever the heck happened here. As news looms that the Russians may have helped Trump get into office, as Trump himself continues to make choices that will set progress back, Kanye West comes to meet with him. The same Kanye West who once said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on live TV while standing next to Mike Meyers has become the Kanye who stops a concert to say that he would have voted for Trump.

    And now here we are. Kanye is standing next to a man who described his hometown of Chicago akin to something like a third world country and next to a man who wants to bring back stop and frisk, a program that focused disproportionately on the black community.

    “How, Sway!?” indeed.

    This could be the result of Kanye’s continuing battle with mental health issues. Or it could be a strategy from Donald Trump to deflect from oh… I don’t know… something or other.

    The Good Boys And Girls Of Twitter [as is my official moniker for them now] has this to say—

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    You can watch a video of them facing the press below.

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