Arrests Made After Indian Movie Goers Don’t Stand Up For National Anthem

  • Twelve people were arrested in India this week after they did not stand up for the national anthem, which a high Indian court demanded be played before a movie. It’s meant to promote nationalism, but seems to promote violence just as much as according to the BBC as eight people were assaulted for not standing for the national anthem last week.

    Meanwhile I played Angry Birds on my phone during Suicide Squad and if memory serves me correctly, everyone cheered me.

    In any case, this act of national anthem controversy is one of the latest in a worldwide trend towards nationalism. Even in America we’ve had the Colin Kaepernick controversy. Here’s hoping this is just a blip. Standing or sitting for the national anthem is not a reflection to how moral a person you are— something made all the more painfully obvious after a man in a wheelchair was beaten for not standing for the anthem— despite his obvious inability to stand at all.

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