Comcast Car Causes Catastrophic Crashes In Trending Video

  • Icy roads are hard enough to drive in with the winter, but when you throw weird jerks into the mix? Boy oh boy. It’s all over.

    In the next of several viral accounts of Comcast employees acting abysmal, the driver of a Comcast cable truck blocked an icy road, laying out no cones to warn the drivers and causing countless accidents. The person who shot this video pleads with the driver for some sanity, but the driver refuses! Why driver, why! Driver, if you knew today that you would become a viral sensation for being a giant jerk, would you do anything differently? Or would you look to the sky and say “I am simply who I am. There is no me but me. And I will block this icy road.” Annoying.

    Still, it made for an exciting video!

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