Self Driving Uber Goes Through Red Light As The Cars Finally Rebel

  • Does the war between man and machine know no bounds? Uber has promised that self driving cars would hit the streets as soon as 2017, and have even sent a few prototypes out on the streets of San Fransisco. New technology is always worrying, and all the more so when it doesn’t seem to work, as this video of a self driving car running a red light was posted online shows.

    But wait! Before you rage at this cruel robot future— know! The error was man’s! According to Tech Crunch the car at that time had a human driver who had to either stop the vehicle or was driving it at the time. Uber, this might be true, but I beg of you. Protect us from being taken over by the self driving cars. Please

    What do you think? Will you feel safe in a self driving car? Or is the good, soon to be outdated, driver filled cars for you! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.