48 People Died From Drinking Bath Lotion In a Russian Epidemic

  • Different countries have different epidemics, and while heroin is a constant issue in suburban America, Russia’s problem is alcoholism. Even as the country’s leaders seem to aim for a take over of the world, this New York Times article attests, its people are suffering in increasingly odd forms. Mainly, people are drinking bath lotion and dying while trying to get drunk.

    As bottles of this bath lotion — sold at a dollar a bottle when vodka is sold at three dollars a bottle — fly off the shelf by Russians with empty wallets who are desperate for something to drink buy the cheaper version. However, the concentration of alcohol in these bottles is overwhelming, leaving bodies in its wake. It’s a symptom of a lot of things — Russia’s rampant poverty, alcoholism and just desperation in the face of a disease.

    We don’t know much about what happens on the other side of the world. Everyone’s living in their own universe. Here in the West we’re taking painkillers that become heroin, and on the other side people are drinking bath lotion. Although there’s the other question — what kind of bath lotion has that much alcohol!? I know it’s been recalled but what is happening with the Russian bath lotion industry? Jeez. Who knows.

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