Casey Neistat Is Our Snow Flying Dronesman

  • Oh furious winter! Silence thyself! For man hath come into thy home and is here to prove itself master of nature! Master of nature and— sweet vidz!?!

    Casey Neistat took to the skies on the wings of a drone, like some kind of futuristic Santa whose only gift is pranks in a bananas new video. I bet you’re going “but there’s no drone that carries a human being”! Well guess what goofball, Samsung built one! You wanna watch a man get carried by a drone on his way to shoot a movie? Well watch it here!

    And look at Casey go! He snowboards from behind it for a while in a scene that looks straight out of a science fiction movie, until the drone finally takes to the sky, taking our beloved and controversial YouTube vlogger with him.

    This 16 rotor drone gloriously sent its Santa suited passenger into the air and the video cuts off before we found out how he got down so let’s make some guesses wether or not he did. I say no! I say he’s still flying out there, attached to a drone, wishing for land. Ah, he probably got down.

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