Good News!: Drunk Time Traveling Man Says Aliens Are Coming

  • Officers in Casper, Wyoming were called to a residence over a man who was claiming to be sent from the future to help people from the aliens.

    Last Monday, Bryant Johnson was arrested for public intoxication which might have something to do with why he confessed to police officers that he’s actually from the future. He told officers that he was from the year 2048 and warned residents of Casper to leave as soon as possible because aliens.

    Police said he smelled like alcohol, has bloodshot eyes, and spoke with slurred speech. But don’t worry, he has an explanation for that. Apparently in order to time travel, the aliens filled his body with alcohol.

    Interesting. Convenient. I’m taking notes.

    The aliens had him stand on a giant pad that transported him to 2017. He also added that he was suppppposed to travel to 2018, but the aliens fucked up.

    Okay, but why would the aliens send you to warn the people of Casper about an alien invasion? They probs wouldn’t waaaant that. Your story is flawed. Anyway he asked to speak to the president of Casper. Which isn’t a thing so maybe he is from the future and in the future they have presidents of towns. Ya never knoooow.

    I guess he was taken to the emergency room where he kept spoutin’ off his story and causing a disturbance so he was arrested for public intoxication.Early reports of his BAC levels were .136, but again that’s because the aliens did that to him and that’s the only way to time travel.

    On that note what year would you travel back to to warn people about? Or get drunk in? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.