Airbnb Guests Find HIDDEN CAMERA In Bedroom!

  • A couple from Indiana rented a condo on Airbnb only to find they were being watched during their stay.

    Just the kinda vacay everyone is looking for. Creepy, invasive, and cut short because people are watching you.

    Derek Starnes and his wife booked an Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida and during their stay they noticed something strange about the smoke detector. Derek works in the ‘tech world’ so he was able to spot a small black hole in the bedrooms smoke detector and called the police.

    They found HD audio and video recording cameras in two different smoke detectors in the house. 56 year old Wayne Natt has had this property listed for 2 years and has 40 reviews on Airbnb, almost all of them positive. (natt.jpg)

    He was promptly arrested and charged with video voyeurism. While Starnes is absolutely positive there was no warning of being secretly recorded, Natt told police that everyone gave consent to be filmed.

    Natt also admitted that there are dozens of videos of people engaged in sex parties he hosted at the home. Yikes! His reason for hiding the camera in a smoke detector on the ceiling? QUOTE, “It gave him a better angle.” Yikes!

    I can relate to this because I’m convinced there’s a hidden camera in my apartment’s shower, but I don’t wanna make it a big deal and then have it just be all in my head.

    Have you ever been secretly filmed? What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at an Airbnb? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.