What’s the Story Behind Fake Private Jets on Instagram?

  • If you’ve ever been jealous of an Instagrammer flying on a private airplanes, a new company is offering you the chance at a private jet photoshoot.

    Private planes and Instagram: they just go together just like tigers in Tinder profiles. If you follow a celebrity or a tacky rich person on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen the cabin of a luxury private jet. You can see private jets in the Instagram feed for celebs like Jayz, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevigne.

    There was also the time Bow Wow thought he could fake like he was taking a private flight and got called out. He posted this photo to his Instagram of a private plane he said he was boarding to New York City, but he was caught posting someone else’s photo while sitting in coach class of a regular commercial flight.

    Bow Wow really could have used the help of this new company based in Moscow.

    Private Jet Studio is a Russian company that rents a grounded private aircraft out to Instagrammers, looking to fake the fabulous life. It figures that a company that helps you fool your social media followers would be based in Russia. Private Jet Studio provides a grounded Gulfstream 65 airplane and a professional photographer. A two-hour photoshoot costs $245, roughly a tenth the price of what it would cost to rent a private jet for two hours and have it take off.

    Crazy. Have you ever faked anything for Instagram? Would you pay for a photoshoot on a private plane? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.